5L olive oil


5L olio dell’olivo

Weight: 500ml

Ingredients: Taggiasca olives

Allergens: does not contain allergens

Additives: does not contain additives

Nutritional values per 100 gr.: Energy kJ 3387, kcal 824; Fats g. 91,60 of which saturated fatty acids g. 13,80; Carbohydrates g. 0 of which sugars g. 0; Proteins g. 0; Fibre g. 0; Salt g. 0,1

Method of use: This oil is appreciated in the kitchen for its goodness and great versatility. Great for frying because it endures high temperatures, perfect raw for seasoning in a genuine and light fish preparations, dishes with rice, white meat, salads, delicate sauces and pastries.

Method of storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from light and heat sources.

Commercial name of the producer: Azienda Agricola Valle Ostilia


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